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Welcome to online! If you are interested in cabbage diverse varieties for wholesale purchase in the city of Kiev, then you've come to the right place. Where to buy onion sets wholesale. On the website carried out this selling vegetable online. You can look at all kinds of available goods and leave the application for purchase need. To your liking discretion several varieties of cabbage and Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, broccoli, cauliflower and red. The entire offered product has the highest quality category. The prices of vegetables and fruits. Acquire the cabbage in Kiev for the subsequent implementation or recycling at the best prices. Promotions and special sales conditions will help to do great purchase and save. Like that

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Green cabbage

The most popular types of cabbage

Cabbage is a vegetable that won many. Large number of varieties and types allows everyone to find a suitable to your taste. Today breeders derive different hybrids of this vegetable. Wholesale onion. However, the most popular in the city of Kiev are traditional types of cabbage. Almost anywhere in the sale is the cabbage. It use for pickling and cooking. Cabbage there are early and late varieties can be early and late. The latter has long shelf life and, subject to all conditions, able to lie for almost a year until the next harvest. Similar to cabbage in shape red cabbage. Leaves its own color from maroon, to purple. Pass the potatoes wholesale. Red cabbage is composed of a huge amount of nutrients. Many in Kiev think it is even healthier white. This kind of cabbage a great in fresh salads. In them it opens all their taste and gives the maximum benefit. From here

At least popular is cauliflower. Its head consists of many of inflorescences. Cauliflower has a gentle taste. It is filled with protein, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and several vitamins. Visually a cauliflower like broccoli. However, it greatly different content of nutrients and has the green color of the buds. This is one of the first vegetables in the city of Kiev, which is choose for the first meal, even the children. And regular use of broccoli helps rid the body of harmful radiation and radiation. Pass the potatoes wholesale. Kohlrabi has stebleplod, the taste which is akin to radishes or turnips, but much gentler. Like other types it is full of vitamin C and other nutrients. And finally, the spicy taste in Kiev has Brussels sprouts. Slight head diameter of not more than 5 centimeters contain mustard oil, which gives this kind of exquisite nutty flavor. Brussels sprouts is considered one of the delicious vegetables.

Features retention and transport cabbage

Every of the following types of cabbage in the city of Kiev has its advantages and will bring a lot of use only with the observance of all rules of storage and transportation. If you carry out wholesale buying cabbage, be careful about creating the appropriate indoor climate, designed for the storage of this vegetable. Buy potatoes small wholesale. For this today created the special microclimate of the installation, which will help keep not only attractive in appearance cabbage, but also all the nutrients. This type

Transportation cabbage also has its own quirks. If white and red species are not fastidious to the carriage, that delicacy of the Brussels abhors a sloppy relationship during loading. Carrots wholesale. The same can be said about cauliflower and broccoli. To preserve the blossoms in decent the form of transport in Kiev requires great care.

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How to buy kale?

To purchase kale wholesale in the city of Kiev is easier than you think. Have selected varieties. For this you are offered the directory where there are photos of all types and their description. Leave a bid on a varieties that interest you online. Especially heed to completing the data for feedback. Buy potatoes small wholesale. Notify of cabbage and the quantity required. The website will automatically calculate the value discount. Call you the consultant on the sale of cabbage wholesale in the city of Kiev, to confirm the purchase. Nice selection and further implementation! Full description


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