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Fans of cycling and professional athletes in the city of Sancti-Spiritus, welcome to the site! How much is the bike. Here you can online to order the bikes in unlimited quantities. Hour, day, day-you are unlimited in time. Available to you in Sancti-Spiritus system of discounts and bonuses. Main

Here it is

Traveling by Bicycle

Recognized fact-the bike is not only a bright entertainment for a company of friends and for the whole family, but also an ideal tool for maintaining health. Bicycle rental price. Experts in the world of medicine say that through daily Cycling through the parks in the city of Sancti-Spiritus or daily meetings with friends in the "bike rental" improved cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In addition, the muscle tone of our legs is strengthened. Bicycle rental-where can I go for a ride? You can rent a Bicycle. Trying to save from the bustle and rhythm of the metropolis fans of Cycling or "pokatushek" going, usually in parks, and sometimes in all the suburbs or outside the urban environment. But here only pluses: the air of the Sancti-Spiritus even cleaner and fresher, and thus the health benefits are even greater. Especially if you like to smoke cigarettes. The body, under the influence of oxygen saturation, is purified from toxic "savings". That's why you should buy or rent a bike in the city. Girls on the note. How much is the rent of bike. Want your figure to be slim and elastic-ladies bike is a great way to get rid of excess weight and burning all the extra calories. Take the bike and train the firmness of the thighs. However remember – it is important regularity of training sessions and Cycling through the parks of the city. Nerves are fine. Contribute to regular riding on the weekends on the bike and in the psychological unloading of the body. And the charge of strength and energy is exactly enough for the whole next work week. Cycling on the landscapes of city parks neutralize your aggressive mood and increase the ability to handle stress. How much is the bike. They will remain in the pedals of your own bike or a rental. Therefore, the bike in Sancti-Spiritus will return your nervous system to normal.

Bicycle models for rental

Given the popularity of Cycling in Sancti-Spiritus, as a rule, there is a huge selection of bicycles for every taste and for different age categories at the property. Bicycle rental in the Park. Here you can find both bicycles for adults (sports, walking bike) and models for teenagers and children. In addition, children's bicycles can be equipped with special wheels, which are mounted on the sides. In General, for any person who came, whether a child or a man aged there is your bike. Like this

  1. Send the application online on the website
  2. You are contacted by a rental agent
  3. Pay for bike rental
  4. Pedal and enjoy the ride


How to order a bike rental?

In order to order or book the bike you need in the city of Sancti-Spiritus, please make a request online on the website. Carefully choose a specific model of the bike and be sure to include your contact details and carefully fill in all the fields of the feedback form. Where to rent a bike. When ordering in Sancti-Spiritus final rental price, as well as the size of the discount You will see in a few seconds.


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